For the Men

Men are the absolute WORST people to shop for this is a fact in life. If your father is anything like mine, and anything you get him stays in the corner of his room for years to come because he "doesn't need anything." Then you get the frustration. I love getting gifts for people and thinking… Continue reading For the Men


For the Jet Setters

  Something about travel items & airport outfits gets me so excited. I am constantly thinking how cute an outfit would look at the airport or during travel, even when I have absolutely nowhere that I am going. Ah well, for now, a girl can just dream.   1.Summer Fridays - Jet Lag Mask • 2.Slip… Continue reading For the Jet Setters

Cozy Fall Coats

I am a hardcore lover of coats, a statement coat makes your whole outfit and makes my whole day. My family and friends are forever shaking their heads at how many coats I accumulate over time, but I'm trying to do some clean outs to make room for more, (trying.) Here are some I'm dying over… Continue reading Cozy Fall Coats

One Piece Just Isn’t Enough

There's something about a two piece set that makes me very comfortable. For me, when something like a bold print, or fun fashion pieces come in a two piece it makes it much easier to wear. You don't have to match it! It comes with a counterpart!! But not only fun fashionable pieces, but two-piece… Continue reading One Piece Just Isn’t Enough

I never thought I’d say this

Cowboy boots. I never thought I'd be down for this. ACTUALLY that's not true I had really cute red cowboy boots when I was younger, but ever since I got out of that country music, Taylor swift loving phase (cringe) I never thought I would get back into this. BUT not gonna lie I'm a… Continue reading I never thought I’d say this

European Season

As the fall/winter is strolling in I can't help but feel some nostalgia for summer. Especially my summer travels. I took a lovely trip to London in July and then headed over to Paris. Paris is a classic favorite of mine so I was happy to be returning for my third time but London was… Continue reading European Season


Halloween is right around the corner!!! And all you ladies out there have big decisions to make... I'm talking costumes. College or even High school means it is not Halloween anymore. It has turned into Halloweek. In this day in age we now need to come up with multiple cute but hot, known but not… Continue reading HALLOWEEK